Huaibei Nutrition Program Update

We have wonderful news about the progress being made at Huaibei and the changes to come! Firstly, the children are all moved in to the new facility. With more space, there is now an onsite medical clinic, physical therapy facility, recreation center, better equipment, and advanced supplies. Senior citizens share the neighboring complexes and in the open area between the buildings there is a garden, children’s playground, and a cement walkway for residents of all ages to enjoy. The new facility offers the children happier and healthier lives.

DSC_8866     DSC_8868

Another major change in this program is the shift from providing formula to vitamins. In the past few years the Chinese government has increased the allowances that the institute receives and there has been an overwhelming amount of local contributions throughout major national holidays (Children’s Day, The National Day, and the Chinese New Year) from both individuals and businesses. These changes has allowed the orphanage to be able to consistently provide the children with formula. We are so thrilled to see such a change in local support and lack of dependency by the orphanage over the years. However, even though this program has been a huge success, we have identified additional nutritional needs and for this reason we will now be supplying the children with daily doses of children’s vitamins after having such high success and lab results from the previous vitamin fundraiser. Be on the lookout for photos of the first shipment delivery!

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If you would like to help us provide these amazing children with ongoing nutritional support, we welcome you to become a sponsor.