Mama’s Wish Visit

Our high school students from the Jianzha School met us for lunch at a local restaurant. They had just come from school, where they had received their scores on college entrance exam. They had also filled out their college applications, and each student chose two universities for possible consideration. Some were happy with their scores and eager to find out if their top choice university would accept them, and others were disappointed and not as hopeful that they would make it into their first choice university. It was a photo 1lunch filled with mixed emotions from the students, but they all seemed glad to be in a supportive environment with their friends who were going through the same thing. After lunch some of the students sang traditional songs, and they were all so happy to receive letters of encouragement from their sponsors and/or handmade cards. After reading each letter and card, they passed the cards back and forth so that everyone could read the cards that had been made for them. It’s so nice to see how these girls have grown over the years and knowing that they have completed their high school education. Even those who choose not to continue to college will have a much better chance of getting a good job in town or in their home village, now that they have a high school diploma.

photo 30The next day we met with students from the Tongren area. Dozens of senior two and senior three students came to enjoy lunch, which had been set up in a large tent at an outdoor restaurant in town. The senior two students are in the middle of final exams this week, so we did not keep them long. After having lunch, receiving their cards and letters, and having their photos taken, we asked that they be allowed to go back to school because they had more exams to take the following day, and we didn’t want to interfere with their studies. The senior three students stayed longer, and had fun singing and dancing after lunch. Like the students at the Jianzha School, these senior three students had also just received their Gaokao scores and had applied for college. Most will find out if and where they will be going to college sometime in August. We wish the best for our senior two students who are taking final exams, and for our senior three students as they wait to find out what their future 21