More Yaks

Today we visited a village school in a remote area of Qinghai Province. 238 students from kindergarten through primary school attend this boarding school, and the school has fourteen formal teachers and five temporary teachers. The students all come from nomadic families, so they stay at the school fophoto 10r fourteen days in a row and then go home for four days. The school doesn’t own any yaks, but it does own a lot of grassland. They rent the land to a family with yaks who also have two children attending the school. We were able to buy a total of eleven yaks for this school from two different families who have children at the school, and now all of the school children will have fresh milk tea every morning. photo 15They will also get to have butter, cheese, and yogurt. It’s great knowing that we will be helping local families in addition to the school. The two schools we visited and bought yaks for this year have other needs as well; they’ve both asked for winter coats, shoes, and sleeping mats for some of the children whose families can’t afford to pay for them. We hope to be able to help both of these schools in the future with their other needs.