There are hundreds of children in Angel Covers’ programs, many of whom are waiting for sponsors. Their lives can be given new direction for as little as $15 a month.  Angel Covers has sponsorships available in Kenya, eastern China, and Thailand.  These sponsorship programs are focused on providing education, foster care, nutrition, and/or housing to orphaned and impoverished children, from medically fragile infants and toddlers all the way to university students, thereby giving the children a brighter future and a family-like setting. Sponsors receive reports about the progress of their sponsored child, as well as ongoing details about how their donations improve lives and encourage progress.


China has over 1 million orphans. Many live in the over 1000 state run orphanages while others are in foster care, private orphanages, or various other living situations. With so many children, the need for care is great – ranging from basic nutrition, urgent medical care, formal education, greater stimulation, and simply a warm bed. Angel Covers is committed to helping meet these needs for children by purchasing food and vitamins, helping fund surgeries and providing individualize care for special needs infants and toddlers through foster care, as well as supporting the education of orphaned and impoverished students.

Programs in China include Nutrition.


War, AIDS, and poverty continue to have a devastating effect on children in Kenya.  Angel Covers is committed to helping children in Kenya have enough food to eat, a safe place to live, education to prepare for the future, and medical treatment for emergency and on-going care.  Our ongoing work includes establishing programs that are self-sustaining and providing skills the children can use after leaving the orphanage.

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Our Humble Hearts program in Kenya is also available for sponsorship, including classroom sponsorships.


Our Girls Advocacy Through Education (GATE) program in Thailand helps open the gates of opportunity to at-risk girls. Remotely located in far northwest Thailand, roughly halfway between Myanmar and Laos, many girls in this area must discontinue their education at an early age because their families cannot afford to pay school expenses. Once they leave school, many must either find work doing menial labor, or stay home to care for elderly grandparents or younger siblings. Alarmingly, they are also at risk of being trafficked when they are not safely being monitored at school or at home.

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