Project Lullaby

In developed countries, we often take for granted to many options available to new parents when they select cribs for their new babies. In impoverished areas throughout China, those options do not exist. Many orphanages in China use old wooden cribs with very low sides. Often, the cribs are infested with toxins from pollutants in the air or are painted with lead paint. Orphaned Chinese babies teethe on the contaminated cribs which leads to health and developmental problems down the road. The low sides of the cribs also pose a significant danger to the babies who can easily fall out and sustain serious injuries. In these overcrowded and understaffed orphanages, some caretakers tie the children to the cribs to make sure they don’t fall out and hurt themselves.

How can you help?

Angel Covers is committed to removing wooden cribs from the orphanages in China and replacing them with stainless steel cribs. For $50 we can purchase a new stainless steel crib for an orphanage in China.

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