Foster Care Program

Angel Covers is thrilled to have a foster care program for medically fragile children in Hauibei, Anhui. The need for foster care is always great and donations are always needed. Children in orphanages with special needs have difficulties receiving the care they need in already overcrowded orphanages. Specialized, one-on-one care is rarely possible in orphanages. Foster care is an ideal solution. Instead of returning to the orphanage following surgery, or to help care for a specific need, a child can be cared for by a loving family who can give them the time and attention needed.

Angel Covers established a foster care program in Huaibei, Anhui, as an extension to our nutrition program in the same orphanage. Children in Huaibei receive needed surgery and are then placed in a loving foster home to recover. Several children are currently thriving in foster homes in Huaibei. The foster families are thrilled to have a new child in the home, and the kids are all recovering in an environment of personalized care.

Each new family is provided a new crib, clothes, blankets, and other basic necessities, and is required to have a health evaluation before the children move into the home. The family is then provided with a monthly stipend to help provide for the child, and is visited by the Angel Covers foster care manager at least once a month. Our foster care manager gets to know the families and children personally, ensuring every child is receiving the quality care he or she deserves.

The cost for one child to receive care in a foster home is $70 per month. A child may have more than one sponsor to help cover the cost. Click here to view photos of the children currently available for sponsorship.

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