Self-Sustaining Nutrition Programs

Self-sustaining projects are ones that lead to long-term self-sufficiency for orphanages. Start-up funds build a strong foundation so the programs can eventually sustain themselves or rely on less funding as time goes by. In many places, the children are able to participate in the upkeep of these projects, thereby providing them with skills they can use later in life.

Most self-sustaining programs are focused on providing food and nutrition to orphanages and schools served by Angel Covers. Chicken projects, for example, allow the orphanages to have eggs and chicken for food. Eggs can also be sold to raise money for additional food and for additional chickens as needed. Greenhouses allow for the growth of vegetables year-round, while working towards the goal of organic farming. Our yak project provides milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt to students on the Tibetan Plateau.

How can you help?

For a $40 donation we can purchase chickens in Africa for an egg and chicken program that will provide money to feed a child indefinitely.  This program is self-sustaining and a great way to provide food for children who don’t receive meals on a regular basis.

For $650-750, a yak is purchased in Tibetan areas of remote western China (as livestock yaks are sold by weight and the price fluctuates seasonally).  Many schools in this region are located at such high altitudes that many forms of livestock will not survive, but yaks are perfect for the climate.  Yaks provide the schools with milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt, as well as hair for blankets or clothing and dung to burn for cooking and heat.  (Schools in lower elevations will receive dzomos instead of yaks.)

For a $1000 donation we can purchase a cow in Africa whose milk can be used both to nourish the children and as a source of income. This important purchase becomes self-sustaining as the cow produces milk and provides an opportunity to raise money that can be used for food and other items.

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