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Hunger is not an unfamiliar experience for Humble Hearts students. Sometime during their young lives, the children of Kenya have known the desperation, weariness and hopelessness that hunger brings. Today, the entire country is battling severe drought amidst anxious poverty unable to find reliable, regular solutions to this problem. Even Humble Hearts School works hard to plan ahead, developing self-sustaining farm projects and frugally managing their limited resources to bring nourishment to their students. The director, Beatrice, keeps us updated:

Can you believe that maize has gone up to 6,000 shillings a sack?!  Many schools and homes are finding it very difficult to feed children. There are schools even thinking of closing until they can get enough food. I visited the farm where we had grown maize and had thrown in a few beans. We were able to harvest four sacks which will last us two weeks, though we had to rush to harvest them since people were stealing them from the farm. There is so much hunger in Kenya right now; we were among the few people who planted early so our beans were ready before the others.  The maize will be ready in September -we are hoping to harvest at least 50 bags. We intend to sell half to support the farming and feed half to the children. It will be a great relief when we can harvest the maize from the farm.

Each week, Angel Cottage and Humble Hearts School must reevaluate and ration their resources in order to feed the children who are in their care. The teachers and families helping are always willing to labor tirelessly in order to harvest and prepare whatever can be gathered to feed the children.

In addition to the core parts of the diet at Humble Hearts, fruit is extremely important for healthy child development. Getting adequate vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals helps strengthen the immune system and aids in better cognitive development.

With the support of a generous donor, fruit is provided once a week to the kids who live at Humble Hearts. Unfortunately, funding is not adequate to provide fruit for non-resident students. Many of these students come from poor families, so even with average cost of fruit in Kenya being $0.25 per piece, it is doubtful that many of these kids get fruit even once a week at home. While we in richer countries are able to grab a piece of fruit at will, getting fruit once a week is a special treat for the children at Humble Hearts. With additional help, we could provide fruit for all the kids.

Availability and price of fruit varies throughout the year with the seasons. Peaches, apples, oranges, bananas, avocado, mango, and passion fruit each provide their own unique complement of essential nutrients. Bananas, for example, provide potassium and magnesium which, both of which are necessary for our bones, skin, digestion, and mood.


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We need more help, however, and ask that some would consider a monthly donation spec

ifically designated for the Humble Hearts food program. Your $20/month commitment to this purpose can extend a portion of your abundance to meet a portion of their great need.

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