Huaibei Nutrition Program

Around the world the cost of food is increasing at an alarming rate.  All of us are paying more and more to put food on the table.  China is no different. Orphanages like the one in Huaibei, Anhui, China have to stretch their dollars so far the children don’t always get enough to eat to insure adequate nutrition. Malnutrition is a contributing factor to stunted growth, decreased brain function and a reduction in the body’s ability to fight off disease. Angel Covers works to provide liquid and chewable children’s vitamins to orphanages, assisting children to reach their maximum potential.

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How can you help?

For $15 you can supplement 2 children’s diet in a Chinese orphanage for a month. With your contribution, Angel Covers will purchase liquid and chewable vitamins which will insure the children are getting the proper vitamins and nutrients their brains and bodies need to grow up healthy and strong.

Make your $15 donation a monthly recurring contribution and for just 50 cents a day you can dramatically change the future life of a child.

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