The need for adequate nutrition goes well beyond the comfort of a full belly. Proper nutrition is the building block for healthy brain, muscle, and bone development. Countless studies show that malnutrition is the cause of both physical and emotional problems, including learning disabilities and motor skill delays. Angel Covers wants to ensure that every child has a well-balanced diet and is healthy in every way. Our nutrition programs are providing children from birth to high school with the nutrition needed to grow, learn, and stay healthy. How can you help?

Hunger is a huge problem that has ramifications far beyond basic survival. Your donation to an Angel Covers’ nutrition program can change the direction of a child’s life. Please donate today.

Nutrition Programs

10 Years of Nutrition

We’re so proud to be celebrating over 10 years of nutrition programs for orphaned and destitute children around the world. Please watch the video below that shows a small sampling of the work we have done in the area of nutrition.