Sponsor a High School Student from the Tibetan Plateau

The high school students from the Tibetan Plateau in western China featured on this page are still awaiting a sponsor. For as little as $15 a month, you can help to provide an education to give one of these children a brighter future. As a sponsor, you’ll receive updates about the progress of your sponsored student, and you may write to her if you wish. Please contact angela@angelcovers.org with any questions about these students.

(If you are interested in sponsoring a college student from the Tibetan Plateau, please click here.)

Several students in the Kangding program need your help to stay in school. Please consider sponsoring one of these deserving girls.

1707-silang-quzhu-square1707-Silang is a senior in high school whose only support is her 88 year old grandmother. Investing in Silang’s education will help her to lift her family out of poverty. She needs one sponsor at $15/month or $180/year.





1801-aojia-cimu-square1801-Aojia is a high school junior who needs one sponsor at $15/month or $180/year to allow her to remain in school. She has received many awards in school, and is described by her teachers as compassionate, empathetic, friendly, and kind.




1703-dawa-yongcuo-square1703-Dawa is a high school senior who needs one sponsor at $15/month or $180/year to help her stay in school. She enjoys singing, reading, and running, and her favorite subjects in school are Tibetan, English, and Chinese.




1808-dawa-zhuoma-square1808-Dawa is a high school junior whose father died when she was young. Her mother is not able to pay to educate all three of her daughters, so Dawa needs one sponsor at $15/mo or $180/yr to be able to stay in school.  




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