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In a society where many girls must leave school as young as 14 years old, education replaces a life of extreme poverty with the opportunity to achieve.

Severely impoverished families on the Tibetan Plateau cannot afford to send their daughters to school and often must keep them home to work in the fields, herd yaks, or enter arranged marriages at an age when they would otherwise begin high school. Consequently, girls are often denied the possibility of escaping poverty.

Angel Covers offers an alternative by providing the opportunity to attend high school and gain a well-rounded and multi-lingual education. Girls admitted to this program have shown promising academic potential and undergone a rigorous selection process including academic testing, personal interviews, recommendations from prior teachers, and demonstration of extreme financial hardship. Some of these students are the very first girls in their village to be accepted to high school, and they are ambitious and driven to excel in school if given the chance. School curriculum includes language studies in Tibetan, Chinese, and English, as well as Tibetan cultural studies (history, literature, music, and art), in addition to the usual subjects of math, science, and history.

After high school graduation, some students hope to enter vocational school and pursue further education in areas such as nursing, tourism, and Thangka painting. Additionally, many of our students pass the extremely competitive national college entrance exam and are accepted to university.  Previous college students have studied everything from art and literature to history, education, geology, engineering, physics, and medicine.

Angel Covers has educated more than 400 primary-high school girls on the Tibetan Plateau since 2006, and provided them with pathways for post-secondary education. An educated woman can lift herself out of poverty and improve the lives of her family, village, and future generations.


How can you help?

Sponsorships for high school girls to attend boarding high school are $360 per year for a full sponsorship or $180 per year for a shared sponsorship, and include the cost of tuition, housing, food, and textbooks.  Sponsorships for college students range from $750 to $1500 per year, and partial or shared sponsorships are available. Supporting these students empowers intelligent, ambitious, determined girls and young women who, once educated, can truly give back in a meaningful way. By helping them gain an education, their sponsors are helping them to return home better able to support their families and contribute to their communities.

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$360 per year, or $30 per month, sends one student to high school (shared sponsorships are available)
$750-1500 per year, or $65-125 per month, sends one student to college (partial and shared sponsorships are available)

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