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Humble Hearts School for the Deaf, in Nairobi, Kenya, serves deaf and other disadvantaged children who are suffering due to poverty, loss of their parents, or a combination of these burdens. Some Kenyans still believe that deafness is a curse, breaking families apart through bitterness and misunderstanding. Many parents in the slums of Nairobi scrape together a meager existence as it is, and the added difficulties of raising special needs children and their siblings is nearly impossible. Humble Hearts provides an opportunity for orphaned or impoverished students to receive special education.

How can you help?

A commitment of $25 each month can help one of these children remain in the Humble Hearts program and receive the education they deserve. Sponsorship funds provide a uniform (for many –the only new outfit they have ever owned), school supplies, and tuition fees. Attending school will give these children the opportunity to rise beyond the cycle of poverty and disillusionment. Sponsors receive photos, biographical descriptions and letters so they can learn more about their sponsored child, personally, and to build appreciation and responsibility in these future leaders of families, schools, medical facilities, and communities in Kenya.  A one-time donation will be used to purchase items of greatest need.

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Classroom sponsorship is also available for only $15 per month.  Your sponsorship of a classroom will supplement the purchase of textbooks and teacher’s guides as well as classroom supplies, furniture and the teacher’s salary.  In addition, repairs of floors and roofs can be made sooner with monthly sponsorship assistance. The Humble Hearts program is designed to provide students with the mental and physical environment they need in order to grow into healthy, skilled, self-sufficient young adults. With your help, the classrooms will be more efficiently supplied and maintained.

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