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John Omondi is elven years old and is in class 4.  He has four siblings and he is the youngest in his family.  Both of his parents are alive, but they are separated.  He lives with his single mother near Humble Hearts.  John’s mother works in a saloon and is paid on commission.  On a good day she can make $3 dollars and on a bad day she makes $2 dollars. He is an average student and his scores show that he is steadily improving. John suffers recurrent stomach pain and severe headaches associated with an amoeba infection.  He is currently receiving treatment for it. He enjoys playing football and watching movies. 





Stephen Juma is sixteen years old and is class form three.  Stephen is the oldest of five siblings and he has both of his parents.  He is currently looking forward to going to form four so that he can graduate. His favorite school subject is history. Stephen wants to go back to school after he graduates to get a law degree to be a lawyer.






Blonch Odera is sixteen years old and he is in form one class.  Both of his parents died when he was very young. He has two older sisters and he is the youngest of three siblings.  His sister was the sole bread winner when he was in primary school.  He is now currently stay with an aunt from his mother’s side of the family.  His aunt has a small business that earns her at least $2 dollars a day.  He stays with the Humble Heats neighborhood. He just joined form one, but the previous tests he has taken has shown potential for good academic performance. His favorite subjects in school are mathematics and Christian studies.  After he finishes his secondary education, he would like to go to school to be a lawyer. He is medically fit and enjoys playing football.










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