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The children from Kenya featured on this page are desperately awaiting a sponsor. For as little as $25 a month or $300 per year per child, you can help to provide education to give one of these children a brighter future. As a sponsor, you’ll receive news of your child’s progress as well as a personal letter from your sponsored child two – three times a year.






Ian Ngige is a sweet 8 year old boy in Class 2, who also lives at Angel Cottage.
He was born deaf due to complications arising from his mothers prolonged labour.
He has 1 sibling, and both his parents are alive, however it is very difficult for them to afford his tuition fees.



Rebecca Anyango is 19 years old, in Class 6, and one of our deaf students in most desperate need of sponsorship.
Her mother does what she can to provide for her, spending her days trying to sell what commodities she has. Sometimes she’s lucky, but other days she isn’t.
Rebecca would love nothing more than to continue her studies, to provide her with the best possible chance for the future.





Our final child searching for a sponsor at Humble Hearts is Merab.
Merab Wanja is a very focused 11 year old girl in Class 7, who was first diagnosed with hearing problems at the age of 3. She is partially deaf, but can pronounce some words.
Her mother finds work when she can as a day labourer so that she can support Merab and her brother, but it is often not enough, therefore Merab currently lives at Angel Cottage as this is the best way for her to continue her education.





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