Angel Kids

Angel Covers was founded on grassroots local efforts that make a global difference. Many kids throughout the country have adopted the Angel Covers cause as their own and put together heart-warming and money-raising events to help children half a world away. A few examples of our Angel Kids projects include:

  • A garage sale and lemonade stand by brothers Justin and Jacob in Colorado that raised more than $875 for children in Kenya.
  • Book drives at school or in the neighborhood to collect books that are then given to children in orphanages who otherwise may not experience literature.
  • Collection of children’s vitamins, medicines, blankets, and other necessities through community outreach efforts.
  • Hundreds of blankets and medical supplies donated after Boy Scouts adopted Angel Covers for their Eagle Scout project.
  • Kids have asked birthday guests to donate to Angel Covers in order to purchase baby bouncers and formula rather than bring gifts.

Kids can make a difference to Angel Covers’ programs. Contact us for more information, and if you’ve coordinated or participated in an Angel Kids project, please send us photos to include on our site with your parents’ permission.