How to Help

The problems we see throughout the areas we serve are heartbreaking. Children are starving – starving for basic nutrition, housing, medical attention, and education. Their suffering as children puts them into a cycle of poverty that will continue into their adult lives and be passed on to their children. We want to stop this cycle, and with your help, we can. All the problems we see are solvable with enough resources.

How can you help?

There are many other ways to help through donations of goods, or your time.  See what others have done to help support us.  E-mail us if you have an idea and want to help.

While Angel Covers only has on-going programs in China and Kenya, we work to support children and orphanages in all countries as we hear about them.  Our blanket program has the broadest reach, although monetary support for needed supplies has also been given to many locations.  Please see our programs for details of our ongoing work