GATE — Girls Advocacy Through Education

Opening the gates of opportunity for girls worldwide!

Our Girls Advocacy Through Education (GATE) program in Thailand helps open the gates of opportunity to at-risk girls. Remotely located in far northwest Thailand, roughly halfway between Myanmar and Laos, many girls in this area must discontinue their education at an early age because their families cannot afford to pay school expenses. Once they leave school, many must either find work doing menial labor, or stay home to care for elderly grandparents or younger siblings. Alarmingly, they are also at risk of being trafficked when they are not safely being monitored at school or at home. Our goal is to keep these vulnerable girls safe by supporting their education, while simultaneously helping them to achieve their goals of excelling in school. Some of the girls in this area have mothers who have been trafficked; others know girls their age who have disappeared and are assumed to have been trafficked. Your sponsorship will provide school uniforms (four are required, but only one is provided by the government), shoes and socks, daily lunch at school, bus fare, textbooks, and school supplies such as backpack, notebooks, pens and pencils, etc. Sponsoring this program helps keep girls safe, provides daily nutritional support, helps them achieve an education, and assists them in having a voice in their future. 

Help prevent trafficking through an education sponsorship.?



Nan in her new uniform.

Ploy and her pretty dress

Kim is growing up quickly

Drim at school

GATE Thailand
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