Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Angel Covers focus on the needs of children outside the United States?

There are children all around the world who suffer from neglect, limited health care, and little access to education. Our focus on children in Kenya, Northeast China, and Thailand came from witnessing firsthand how children are essentially cast aside due to health issues or trafficked by impoverished families in need of the very basics in life. Children in the United States have many organizations that provide health, education, shelter and medical care in abundance compared to other nations. We have, when possible, worked to help children in the United States with educational needs. In addition, we can make donations go further outside the United States.

What makes Angel Covers so different from other nonprofits that help children in Kenya, Northeast China and Thailand?

Angels Covers has focused its efforts on specific programs in each country that serve the needs of at risk children whose family cannot provide support or medical care. For example, Humble Hearts School for the Deaf welcomes children who would otherwise be shunned or cast aside because of their hearing issues. We support their education, health care, and provide shelter. We have a program available to help older students learn a trade that will then support them as adults.

In Thailand, we introduced a new program we call GATE: Girls Advocacy Through Education. The young girls in the program have been saved from being trafficked and are gaining a valuable education that will allow them to gain safe and legitimate employment once their educational program is completed. In addition, Angel Covers educated more than 400 primary-high school girls on the Tibetan Plateau between 2006-2018, and provided them with pathways for postsecondary education. We have also provided support to orphanages and schools in 25 other countries.

What’s next for Angel Covers?

We are constantly evaluating our programs to determine if adjustments are needed. In some cases, the program may no longer be necessary and we might introduce a new one to meet local needs. We also stay aware of any shifts in the political climates in the countries where Angel Covers works, to ensure our programs are compliant with current laws and local customs. For example, we will expand our GATE program in Thailand as we receive donations for scholarships.

Which of your programs is in greatest demand at the present time? 

The answer to this question changes depending on the country and the needs of the children. Providing nutrients and vitamins in Northeast China and in Kenya is a very important program but the GATE program in Thailand is vital to save the lives of the girls at risk of being trafficked. 

How can someone support Angel Covers?

We welcome all support in the form of donations, sponsorship of children, and spreading the word on the work we do. Donations can be made on-line or through We welcome new volunteers all year long who can help with our programs. More information is available on our Web site at  

Is Angel Covers a United Way agency?

At this time, Angel Covers does not receive grants or support from The United Way; however, we can and do accept matching funds from corporate programs.    

How does Angel Covers raise money?

Funds are provided through several sources. We raise money through fundraising activities in the Denver, CO, area and through the sale of products on our website. We also accept monetary donations throughout the year. Many of our students are sponsored by donors to offset the cost of attending Humble Hearts School for the Deaf and other programs. In addition, we receive in-kind gifts of vitamins, school supplies, and first aid supplies. We participate in the Amazon Smile giving program so that when purchases are made on the site, a percentage is donated to our organization. We accept items that support our core values of health, nutrition, shelter, and medical care. Gifts that allow us to continue to provide holistic care to children in need are always welcome. We are able to make donations go further outside the United States.

What are the organizations biggest challenges?

Being a small nonprofit limits our ability to provide as much support and care as we’d like to the children in our programs. There are so many who we cannot reach due to limited resources and funding. Attracting dedicated volunteers is an ongoing need as well. Without volunteers, our programs cannot grow as quickly to meet the demand. As with many nonprofit agencies, funding is an ever constant focus. We are careful about how we use the funds we receive and welcome donations throughout the year.

Does Angel Covers partner with other organizations?

We will work with other nonprofits whose mission and goals align with Angel Covers. These relationships are often focused on a specific project and require a proof of performance to ensure the projects are completed within set guidelines. As mentioned above, we participate in the Amazon Smile program as an approved nonprofit organization.

What percentage of income goes towards administration? 

Angel Covers is entirely supported by volunteers. Less than seven (7) percent of the funds raised for Angel Covers goes to fund administrative costs, including web site maintenance. You are encouraged to review our most recent annual report to see more details on how funds are managed.

How can I find out more about Angel Covers?

We invite and encourage you to visit our website to learn more about our programs, opportunities for sponsorships and how to volunteer. You can also find us through Guidestar or Charity Navigator.