The Humble Hearts School for the Deaf is located in Nairobi, Kenya, and seeks to educate students who are orphans or from poor families that cannot afford the costs of special education.

The Humble Hearts School provides an education to more than 40 deaf children, and approximately 80 hearing children from greatly impoverished families.  Many of these children are orphaned due to AIDS, violence, and illnesses.  Because deafness is often considered a curse in Kenyan culture, deaf children are given priority for school admission to this boarding school.  They are taught Kenyan sign language, are provided with tutoring if needed, and are taught how valuable they really are.  Fortunately, in the area surrounding Humble Hearts, attitudes about deafness are changing and more and more families are willing to let their deaf children attend school.

A linoleum block printmaking workshop was held at the school for a week in January 2007 and included an afterschool program for the most gifted students. Time and all art materials were donated by an Angel Covers volunteer.

Using the skills they learned in that workshop, talented students from Humble Hearts created a variety of greeting cards and holiday cards. Having learned the printmaking techniques, the students continue to create beautiful prints. Reproductions of the students’ work are available for sale. The back of the cards contain information about Humble Hearts and the need for deaf education in Kenya. Purchasing these cards will not only directly help the students at Humble Hearts, but will also help educate others about Humble Hearts and the importance of deaf education in for the students who cannot afford special education in Kenya.

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