Gift Cards

What do you get the person who has everything?  Or what about the person who is difficult to buy for? Angel Covers offers gift cards for any occasion to help solve your gift-giving problem and help children in need at the same time.

Make a tax deductible donation to Angel Covers and we will send a card to the person of your choice. The card will explain that you have made a donation in their name and will include a special greeting from you. All cards will have a photo or photos showing the work Angel Covers is doing in the area you select.

Gift Cards are a great way to make a difference in the world, and warm someone’s heart by showing them something special being done in their name. Select and order your gift card by donating via PayPal below. Be sure to include the name and address of the recipient as well as the message you wish to include when you place your order. Or send an e-mail to with the name and address of the recipient of the gift card along with the occasion, and mail a check to Angel Covers, P.O. Box 6891, Broomfield CO 80021.

All gift card donations are tax deductible.


Make a donation of $10, and we will send a blanket to a child in an orphanage in the name of your gift card recipient. Children all over the world sleep without blankets and in the cold at night. Send a blanket gift card today and help keep these children warm.

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Baby Cribs

For a donation of $50 we will purchase a stainless steel crib for an orphanage in China. Cribs in orphanages tend to be old and run down. Many are made of wood with low sides and soak up lead and other contaminants creating health problems for the babies. Send a gift card today and provide a baby a new bed.

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Education in China

With a $15 donation we can send an orphan to school in China for a month.  Many orphans do not get the opportunity to attend school. Send a card today and help provide an education for a child who wouldn’t receive one.

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Education in Kenya

DSC_1267 For a $25 donation you can help send a child in Kenya to school for a month. Orphans and children in poverty are fortunate if they complete primary school. School simply costs too much.  Send a card today, and help a student reach a dream.

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Baby Bouncers

Make a tax deductible donation of $10 and a baby bouncer will be sent to an orphanage in China.  Babies in orphanage spend most of their time in cribs.  Bouncy seats are a great way to help get them out of the cribs and have more stimulation.  Send a card today and help get babies out of the cribs.

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Project Book Bag

Books are something that most of us take for granted.  They are a part of our schools and reading is a part of our daily lives.  However, many children have never had books as part of their lives; none for school, and none just to read and enjoy.  For a donation of $20, we can purchase text books for a child in a classroom, or books for children just to read.  Help us make books a part of children’s lives through Project Book Bag. Honor someone with the gift of reading!

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Fruit in Kenya

DSC03406 With a $25 donation we can provide fresh fruit for orphans in Africa for a week. The orphanage stretches food just to make sure the children have meals. Fruit is not part of the diet they receive. Send a card today and help these children smile as well as have a balanced diet.

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Formula for Babies in China

2016-01 Huaibei vitamins 8

Make a donation of $15 and we will buy vitamins for children in Chinese orphanages. Many babies don’t get all the nutrients needed in their diets. Send a card this card to help them grow strong and healthy.


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Foster Care

Foster Care provides a family situation for babies who are recovering from surgery and waiting for adoption. The undivided attention provided will speed recovery and provide the stimulation these babies need to thrive. Your donation of $35 will provide 2 weeks of loving foster care to a baby. Send a card today and provide a medically fragile baby with a family.

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For a $25 donation, we can provide an average of 5 toys to an orphanage.  Stimulation and activity are important for children, and often orphanages do not have toys or enough toys to provide adequate stimulation for the children.  Send a card today help kids be kids.

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Self-sustaining Projects-Chickens

For a $40 donation we can purchase chickens in Africa for an egg and chicken program that will provide money to feed a child indefinitely.  This program is self-sustaining and a great way to provide food for children that don’t receive meals on a regular basis.

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Self-sustaining Projects-Yaks

For a $250 donation we can purchase a yak in the Tibetan regions of China. The schools in this region are located at such high altitudes that many forms of livestock will not survive but yaks are perfect for the climate.  Yaks provide the schools with milk, hair for clothing, dung to burn for heat, and when they eventually die, they provide meat for the children.

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Self-sustaining Projects-Cows

For a $1000 donation we can purchase a cow in Africa that can be used for milk and to sell milk.  Nutritionally it helps the children in these programs and the money from the sale of milk can help sustain the programs through the purchase of food for the children or other items needed for the programs

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Medical Care

Make a $30 donation and we will be able to purchase needed antibiotics and other medications for sick children in orphanages.  Medications we take for granted are often not received by these children because the orphanages are unable to afford them.
Send a card today and help children in orphanages receive needed medications.


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You pick the amount.  Choose from one or more of the categories on this page.  For a donation of $10 or more, we will create a card for a combination of items or for a portion of a larger item.  Just let us know which project you would like to support and for what amount, and we will make the card of your choice.  Send a card today and let’s make those kids’ smiles even bigger.


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For a $500 donation, surgery will be provided to a child in China with cleft lip and palate.  Many children in orphanages are unable to get adequate nutrition because the orphanage cannot provide the needed surgery that helps these children eat. Send a card today and help a child smile.

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