Folk Painting Coloring Book

Coloring books are always fun for children. These coloring books contain drawings from Chinese Folk Paintings. Bring a great art form experience to your child’s play while helping programs in China!

Chinese folk paintings – also known as farmer or peasant paintings are instantly recognizable by their bold, exaggerated forms and eccentric use of color.  Peasant paintings have become a unique folk art form that are treasured by Chinese and Westerners alike for its primitive, vibrant, truthful, and animated depiction of ordinary farm life in China. Each painting is done by hand.

This wonderful coloring book, contains 14 pages of Chinese folk art paintings as black and white drawings that your child can turn into their own vibrant rendition of this Chinese art form.  The pages are printed on a heavy laser quality paper, making their art work more durable.  Each page is easily removed from the clear binder making them suitable for copying or displaying once your artist completes their work.

Allow your child to learn about a wonderful art form from China while helping to raise funds that will support orphanages!

Click here to view sample pages of the coloring book.

A coloring book can be yours for a $10 donation to any one of our China programs!

To purchase one individually: $3.00 + $2.50 for shipping