Single Layer Blanket

Order your blanket today for yourself or as a gift, and make a difference for a child in the world that needs a blanket to stay warm!

Angel Covers single layer fleece blankets are available in two sizes:

Kid Size (approximately 46″x52″)
Adult Size (approximately 50″x70″)

For every blanket sold, another blanket is sent to an orphanage.

Check out our large selection of fleece! Click on image to see larger view!

Print Designs

Solar System

pastel quilt

Pastel Quilt

Bugs & Flowers

Silly Dinosaurs


Giraffes and Zebras pink


Fun Spots

cute crawlies

Cute Crawlies

Giraffes and zebra in blue


lady bugs flowers

Ladybugs & Flowers

Colorful owls


Sweet bunnies


Pink Elephants

Jungle and Safari animals


Plaid Designs

Plaid Pajamas

navy red plaid

Navy & Red Plaid

Fun Plaid

Fun Plaid

Blue plaid faux fur


Solid Designs

Black Blue Solid Burgandy Solid fuchsia Solid
Black Solid Blue Solid Burgundy Solid Fuchsia Solid
navy Solid orange Solid Pastel Blue Solid pink Solid
Navy Solid Orange Solid Pastel Blue Solid Pink Solid
purple Solid yellow Solid green Solid bright green Solid
Purple Solid Yellow Solid Forest Green Solid Bright Green Solid
red Solid white Solid    
Red Solid White Solid