Vision & Mission

photoAngel Covers is a volunteer run organization dedicated to providing holistic care to orphaned and impoverished children around the world. We believe each and every child deserves access to quality education, nutrition, shelter, and medical care.




Angel Covers….

…..promotes a safe and healthy environment that allows children to grow and become independent, empowered adults who break the cycle of poverty for future generations.


Education: Angel Covers is committed to establishing a strong foundation for lifelong education. We believe that enabling children to achieve their academic potential will help break the cycle of poverty and allow them to lead healthier, more productive lives.

Nutrition: Angel Covers provides nutritional programs to help orphaned and impoverished children have basic food and vitamins that supports a child’s overall well-being. Our goal is to design appropriate nutritional programs that can evolve into self-sustaining projects tailored to meet the needs of the children in each environment.

Shelter: A safe, protective environment in which orphaned and impoverished children can sleep, eat, and learn will foster greater chances of success for them in school and employment. Angel Covers believes this will support a child’s personal growth and self-esteem.

Medical care: The need for basic health care and life-saving medical procedures persists in all countries in the world. Angel Covers arranges for preventive care, critical surgeries and medicine to help orphaned and impoverished children to combat disease and ensure well-being.

At Angel Covers, we value the donations made by our supporters and seek to maximize the value of the funds entrusted to us. We actively seek to minimize overhead so that as much money as possible is used to directly care for the children in our programs and provide tangible benefits for those we serve. We are proud that since the founding of the organization at least 95% of our donations have directly benefited the children and programs with which we work. Please review our recent financials and our current programs for more details.

Angel Covers is a 501(c)(3) organization