Administrative Team

Angel Covers prides itself on having extremely low administrative costs.  One of the ways this is possible is because everyone on our administrative team is a volunteer.  Our dedicated team works tirelessly for children around the world because they believe in the cause while receiving no monetary compensation.

Jessica Bauer — Nutrition Director 

Jessie Bauer

Jessica (Jessie) Bauer is a graduate student of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine at the University of Western States with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Originally from the Midwest, she has traveled the world, having visited 13 countries, and she has no plans of stopping there!  When she isn’t globe-trotting, Jessie spends her time expanding her knowledge in holistic health and wellness.  She is striving to build a passionate career in public health education and reform.  Her favorite pass times include growing organic food, raising animals, experimenting with healthy recipes, and exploring the outdoors.  She currently lives in the mountain foothills outside Denver, CO with her boyfriend Ryan, dog Ruby, and two cats, Scotch and Ernie.

Angela Taylor – Education Director

Angela Taylor

Angela has been working on behalf of children in need since 2001, first as an adoption advocate and area representative for her adoption agency and later by facilitating the education of orphaned and impoverished children in China’s remote rural areas.  She is particularly interested in helping students who have great academic potential and desire to learn but no means to continue their education. Angela holds a degree in philosophy from the University of Oklahoma, and currently lives in California with her husband and three children.

Gan — GATE Director

Gan is an occupational nurse at a hospital in northern Thailand, and has a profound love for helping Thai


people. As the Director in Thailand, Gan helps to alleviate poverty and prevent trafficking by working with girls in the GATE program. When she’s not working or volunteering, she loves reading, gardening in her field, and talking with people. Gan attributes her inspiration to her late King, whom she says taught her about compassion, kindness, and helping Thai people. She has lived in Chiang Rai all her life, and provides valuable insight into local customs, traditions, and public policy.



Lily Taylor — Education Coordinator

Lily is a student at Stanford University, where she is an intended Symbolic Systems major and Modern


Languages minor. She has volunteered for Angel Covers in the girls’ education programs since 2007, and has traveled to China/Tibet and Thailand several times as Education Coordinator. Lily loves working directly with students, talking with them, their families, and their teachers to get to know them. She is a firm believer in education as a tool to effect socioeconomic change, and disrupt cycles of poverty.  When she’s not working, studying, or volunteering, she enjoys sleeping in, reading, watching movies, and planning her next trip abroad.