Humble Hearts 2013 Annual Report

2013 began with a dancing, singing, and entertainment celebration of the academic accomplishments of 2012. Belated Christmas gifts were shared and all of the children received many needed items such as clothing, shoes, wrist watches for the young men, kangas or lesos for the young ladies, and rewards for the teachers as well.

The maize crop was planted with the help of many kind friends and family to the Humble Hearts School, with the hope of great provision in food and the sale of the extra harvest. New beds for dorms and new desks arrived to meet the increasing need of our growing school. Weekly fruit days continue with the help of our generous sponsors.  The chicken project also continues with success and constant tweaking of care and protection for the chicks.

The challenge of poor water drainage became an urgent problem with the collapse of the ceiling over the main office of Humble Hearts.  We are grateful for Nelly’s eventual recovery and no injury to children.  This was the beginning of a long term plan to repair and rebuild this Humble Hearts campus so that it may withstand the extreme local weather conditions.

While we await the final exam results for the Form 4 students,  Levinah Okutu 2

which will come in February, we are pleased to highlight the highest scoring students for the Class 8 exams. The pass mark for hearing students is 250.  Lucy WanjiruLevina Okutu’s score was 373.   Lucy Wanjiru’s 348.   The pass mark for deaf students is 125. Emmanuel Omondi’s score was 164 and  Grace Kavivi’s score was also 164.

Grace Kavivi Emmanuel Omondi



In 2014 we are excited to begin to implement the use of ereaders in several of the Humble Hearts classes.  This new project has many challenges as well as many very exciting possible outcomes and all involved are carefully planning their use, care, and ongoing assessment, including sponsors, teachers, coordinators and suppliers.

In addition, we hope to continue solid, permanent new walls to replace any temporary infrastructure at Humble Hearts.  This is an ongoing project in both fundraising and construction.

2014 will see Humble Hearts grow and improve in technology, academic achievement, housing and resource management.  We also always hope to attract more sponsors to meet the most needy of up to 200 enrolled students throughout the year, both deaf and hearing, with the deaf students always remaining our greatest priority.